GRAMO scale:

from 1.00 € to 39.99 € ➔ 10.0 GRAMO

from 40.00 € to 79.99 € ➔ 20.0 GRAMO

more than 80.00 € ➔ 50.0 GRAMO

Please write the name of the Cannabis Shop. It should appear in the Invoice/Receipt
Please provide website, Twitter account, and/or email of the Cannabis Shop
Please provide a Phone Number of the Cannabis Shop. Please start with +XX to provide country. If on-line business, please set N/A
Please add complete address and country of Cannabis Shop
Format of the date: MM/DD/YYYY
Format: 12.34 (dot separated)
Public address of an Algorand-compatible wallet where the client wants to receive the GRAMO rewards
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Upload here a picture of the Invoice or Receipt where Name of Shop, Address, Date and Amount paid are clearly visible! Please remove or cross-out all your personal data from the Invoice/Receipt.
Optional but recommended if you want us to contact you if something is wrong with your token claim
You can read GRAMO legal terms at

Crypto-GRAMO legal terms