Setup a Wallet to trade GRAMO

Self-custody of GRAMO tokens

To trade earned GRAMO tokens you need to send them to your self-custody wallet using the “withdraw” button of GRAMO app.

We strongly recommend you to self-custody your tokens using one of the following Algorand-compatible wallets:

Pera Wallet (Android, iOS, web)

Defly Wallet (Android, iOS)

To receive GRAMO upon a cannabis purchase in one of our cannabis partners, you need to use GRAMO app, but for trading GRAMO you will need your own Wallet and self-custody your tokens.

Remember to allow your wallet to receive GRAMO ASA:

This process is called opt-in, and is very easy to perform in one of the two recommended wallets.

Basically, you need to +Add New Asset and introduce GRAMO ASA ID – 393498731

Have a look in these videos on how to create your wallet and perform the opt-in